A future without brain cancer means a future for Bella and kids just like her

Brain cancer kills 4 out of 5 people and kills more children than any other disease. But funds to support research will help change these awful statistics and Bella the Brave wants to help play a part in this.

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Where does the money go..?

Approximately 2,000 people are diagnosed with brain cancer each year. Bella the Brave will be using the funds that we raise through events and donations to support research projects that will help improve treatment options and survival outcomes for children diagnosed with brain cancer as well as provide support to families who have received the terrible news that their child has brain cancer. Bella the Brave is run by volunteers which enables us to maximise the amount of money available to support us to achieve our vision – which is a future without childhood brain cancer.

Bella’s Story

Bella was diagnosed with brain cancer (anaplastic ependymoma) when she was 13 months old in September 2016. At the time of diagnosis, the tumour had taken over more than 25% of her brain. One of her early surgeries left her paralysed and in a coma. She is a fighter though and made it through multiple rounds of high-dose chemotherapy and 5 separate brain surgeries before we returned home in May 2017.

In August 2017, however, we received the devastating news that Bella’s cancer had returned. She had just turned 2. After a failed attempt at surgery, we were told that Bella couldn’t be cured. Thankfully though, we sought out Dr Charlie Teo who has been our saviour. He was able to remove her tumour where other neurosurgeons had been unsuccessful. Bella has now endured a total of 8 brain surgeries. She is a true warrior. Her future, however, remains uncertain due to the aggressive nature of her tumour.  

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Show your employees, customers and stakeholders you are committed to improving the lives of children diagnosed with brain cancer. Why not consider becoming a corporate sponsor for Bella the Brave? We are happy to work with your business to finalise a sponsorship package that best works for you, whether that is an annual or monthly contribution, supporting a raffle or fundraiser or providing in-kind services.

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The 5 year survival rate is just over 20% and hasn’t changed in over 30 years. The funds we raise go straight to support research that helps change these awful statistics, help us create a change for a brighter future for our kids.
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